The album cover gives the first glimpse of the story that lies within. It sets the scene and remains as a backdrop as the album is held and viewed time and time again.

Select your album cover material from the dropdown list. Click each colour image below to view a larger sample.


Essential Cotton:

These high quality 100% cotton covers have a natural, wide weave and a subtle, two-tone effect

Heritage Cotton:

A 100% cotton fabric with a tactile open weave in four natural, two-toned colours. Perfect if you’re looking for a more rustic, neutral finish.

Essential Cotton | Hop

Essential Cotton | Onyx

Essential Cotton | Fern

Essential Cotton | Olive

Essential Cotton | Petal

Essential Cotton | Lavender

Essential Cotton | Liberty

Essential Cotton | White

Heritage Cotton | Oatmeal

Heritage Cotton | Tusk

Heritage Cotton | Sea Breeze

Heritage Cotton | Parchment


This collection is unrivalled in its quality. Each of the shades has its own unique character and they’re all genuine natural leathers. They are sourced from manufacturers who offer the very finest quality and durability and have strict animal welfare policies.

If you love the natural and imperfect characteristics of leather to come bursting through then choose either Latte, Sandstone, Dusk, Graphite, Truffle or Saddle. These semi-aniline leathers have character and soul. All of the other colours are fully finished leathers with a consistent colour and tone. 

Leather | Ebony

Leather | Saddle

Leather | Latte

Leather | Forest Green

Leather | Sage

Leather | Jade

Leather | Ivory

Leather | Regency Blue

Leather | Blush

Leather | Pewter

Leather | Cashew

Leather | Porcelain