Words go hand in hand with images to make an album a truly personal keepsake. They can raise a smile, evoke a memory, commit a date to memory, emphasise a sentiment and much more.

Folio Albums have applied everything from nicknames to place names and optimistic phrases to albums. As well as more popular text such as names, dates, initials and simple statements such as ‘our wedding’.

It’s not just the words themselves that are important – the technique and font speak out too.

Debossing is really tactile, and can be selected for leather albums. If you have chosen a cotton album cover then you can choose between black or white printed text on the cover.

For example: Mr & Mrs Jones 24th August 2022 or Ron & Hermione 14.02.2022 or Our Wedding or And so, the adventure begins. etc...

Select whether you would like your cover text to be printed in black, white or debossed (debossing is only available for leather album covers)