Lancashire Wedding Venues

The Best Wedding Venues in Lancashire

Lancashire Weddings = Perfection

Are you looking to get married in Lancashire? If so, you have some gorgeous options!

Learn the inside story of 7 of the most beautiful wedding venues in Lancashire. You’ll find historical sites, gorgeous architecture, and modern spaces for your refined wedding vision.

Here’s a list of the 7 best wedding venues in Lancashire, and read on for the detailed scoop on each one:

  1. Bolton School
  2. Eaves Hall
  3. Rivington Hall Barn
  4. Samlesbury Hall
  5. Charnock Farm
  6. Stanley House Hotel
  7. Mitton Hall

lancashire wedding venues

1) Bolton School

Bolton School wedding photographer

Do you want an effortlessly gorgeous wedding ceremony venue? Bolton School is your place! One of the most iconic locations in Lancashire, few venues are as unique as this one.

Read more about weddings at Bolton School.

3) Rivington Hall Barn

Read more about weddings at Rivington Hall Barn.

4) Samlesbury Hall

Read more about weddings at Samlesbury Hall.

5) Charnock Farm

Read more about weddings at Charnock Farm.

6) Stanley House Hotel

Read more about weddings at Stanley House Hotel.

7) Mitton Hall

Read more about weddings at Mitton Hall.

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