Do you photograph both the bride & groom preparations?

As long as you are no more than 20 minutes drive from one another, I can photograph both your preparations as you will have seen in my blog posts and featured weddings. Most of the preparation time is usually spent with the bride, and I like to be at the ceremony location 20 minutes before the wedding ceremony so that I can be around to get more of the groom and for the guests arriving.

Dewsall Court Wedding Photographer Dewsall Court Wedding Photography

How Long have you been shooting weddings?

Since 2012

Do we have to feed you on the day of our wedding?

It’s not compulsory, but clients that feed me tend to get photos that are way more awesome than those who don’t No, seriously.. I won’t lie – I LOVE food, and when working (which is pretty tiring) I really love when I’m given a nice hot meal. I don’t need to be fed a three course wedding meal – although I won’t turn it down! Caterers often do a ‘suppliers meal’ that they give the band, photographer etc and it is really appreciated if you can stretch to some kind of hot meal!

Dodford Manor Wedding Photographer Dodford Manor Wedding Photography

Do you have insurance?

Of course! I do things properly, so as well as my equipment being insured, I’ve got professional indemnity and public liability insurance too.

Do you do family group shots?

Of course! I suggest keeping them to ten or fewer different combinations of people, but I will do as many photos as you want if you’ve allocated time for them. I’m good at whizzing through them quickly – I ask you to come up with a list of requested group shots before the big day and also to allocate an usher or someone to help round people up.

Dodford Manor Wedding Photographer Dodford Manor Wedding Photography

How long does it take to receive our photos after our wedding day?

It depends on how many weddings I have photographed just before yours, but it usually takes between 6 and 8 weeks. Generally around 4-6 weeks for weddings between November and May, and 6-8 weeks for weddings between June and October.

How Many photos do we get?



My fiancee hates having his/her photo taken! And we don’t want lots of posed shots. is that a problem?!

No! In fact I’d say reluctant grooms are my speciality! For most of the day I’ll work really naturally and unobtrusively and you’ll be too busy having the time of your lives to notice me too much. I think it’s much more valuable to capture the actual story of the day, and the real moments rather than directing things. 

I do like to have a small amount of time away from your guests to take some couple portraits, but I do these in a really painless, fun and natural ‘hold hands and walk over there’ whilst I snap away, rather than ‘bend your leg, move your head 35 degrees to the left, stop smiling etc!’

I’m good at reading people and making them relax – it won’t work if you’re not enjoying yourselves so that’s a key part of my job!

what happens if you’re ill on our wedding day?